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Race Replicas

Race Replicas
Brand: RTX
Special Edition Carlos Checa Race Leathers Exclusively made by RTX Leathers Top quality curved body stance race leathers Available as a one or two piece suit Perforated front panel for extra ventilation Extra flexible kevlar panels for the ultimate comfortable snug fit Optional Race hump and 6..
Ex Tax:£399.99
Brand: RTX
Classic RTX Leathers Pro Racing Leather Motorcycle SuitOverview:• Top grade Cowhide leather • Dual stitched main seam construction for safety • Flex leather at base of knee and calves • FREE knee sliders and 9 point armour padding • Temper-foam back and hip paddingDetail: P..
Ex Tax:£349.99
Brand: RTX
• Special Rossi 46 Limited Edition 2 piece leathers to compliment your yellow/black R1 or R6• Top grade Cowhide leather with double stitched main seam construction• Large Race hump as OPTIONAL extra, Optional 6 Point Metal Sliders• FREE knee sliders and 9 point padding includin..
Ex Tax:£299.99
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